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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

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“Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.”

Athletic performance can improve and one can be learning.

Athletic performance can decline and one can be learning.

So, “Perfect practice makes perfect” – learning. Regardless of how “Perfect” our practice is, performance can and will go up and down, but learning can be maximised.

To get close to perfect practice the practice must be with purpose; “Deliberate Practice”.

Richard Bailey introduced me to a good definition of “Deliberate Practice”.

Deliberate Practice = Practice + Feedback
+ Variation
+ Observation
+ Mindfullness
+ Context

So, coaches, teachers, parents and anyone interested in creating learning environments and “Deliberate Practice”, if we can develop our feedback skills, provide variation within our practice sessions, create opportunities for our learners to watch practice and learning taking place, engage our learners (mindfulness) and do all this in a relevant context then we get closer to, “Perfect Practice”.

Stuart’s Performances in European Veterans Athletics Championships – San Sebastian.

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Stuart’s Biography

Long Jump Final - Position 8th.
60m Heat - Postion 5th and Personal Best – Heat 2.
200m Heat - Position 3rd – Heat 2.

Photos and Report – IAAF Competition with St. Mary’s Twickenham, 9th February 2013.

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Well done to all the children who took part in the IAAF ‘Kids Athletics’ competition. Find a report by St Mary’s Media here.