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Mozambique – LEAP 2017

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Leap 2017

Mozambique Tutor Training – November 2014.

A few pictures of the newly trained LEAP Tutors.

‘The Gap’.

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Learning is a choice. To choose to learn should be easy.

What can coaches do to help our learners make the choice to learn?

‘The Gap’
There are many reasons why our learners choose not to learn which can be summarised as ‘The Gap’.

So, you are out walking in the countryside when you reach a stream. The only way to get across this stream is to leap.

Leap across ‘The Gap’.

Whether our learners choose to leap or not will depend on a few things:

• “Why should I leap? Is there a good enough reason to leap?”
• “If I leap can I make it?”
• “If I don’t make it what are the consequences?”
• “Do I know how to leap?”

When coaching and helping our learners to choose to learn we can engineer ‘The Gap’. We can make the decision to leap easy. We can help our learners choose to learn by:

• Creating a good enough reason to leap.
• Making ‘The Gap’ just narrow enough.
• Making ‘The Gap’ just shallow enough.
• Making getting your feet wet normal and fun – a normal part of leaping.
• Making getting your feet wet safe.
• Helping them to enjoy leaping and getting wet.
• Helping them learn how to leap.

What if our learner still doesn’t want to leap?

So we have engineered ‘The perfect Gap’ and still our learner doesn’t want to leap. Perhaps our learner can see a better way to get across ‘The Gap’. Perhaps they don’t feel they need to leap. Perhaps they see that for them the best way of getting across ‘The Gap’ is to build a bridge.

To help our leaners learn their way; to build their bridge, they need enough time. Enough time to gather their resources. Enough time to piece their resources together. Enough time to test their bridge. Enough time to modify their bridge.

Help our learners learn by helping them to leap and giving them enough time to build a bridge.