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Identifying Place Values

Comments (0) Posted in Home School, Maths, Year 5 by Phil Amos on April 8th, 2020

Progress through the slides. The questions/slides are easier at the beginning and progress to more difficult.

Suggested method of use:

1 – Hide the answer and ask your learner to state/guess the answer.
2 – Reveal the answer.
3 – If correct progress to next slide/question. If not correct go back to 1. It is important that your learner states the correct answer before progressing. Build and progress on success.
4 – As answers/guesses become more accurate ask your learner to state what they are noticing which is helping them become more accurate. Ask your learner to state their conclusions.

Is the sentence declarative, interrogative, imperative or exclamatory?

Comments (0) Posted in English, Home School, Year 5 by Phil Amos on March 31st, 2020

Hope these slides help with your home school. This is something I did to help my 10 year old son with his Year 5 English.

Go through the slides/questions. Whilst hiding the answers, asking your child to make a guess at the correct answer. Show the answer and move on to the next slide/question.

The questions are easier at the beginning and become more difficult as you progress through the slides.

Move back and forth through the slides, go back if the guesses aren’t becoming more accurate.

As the guesses become more accurate ask your child to make sense of their guesses, asking them what they are noticing about the sentences which is helping them make more accurate guesses.