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SJAC – Spelthorne – Athlete Of The Month For June

Comments (0) Posted in Athlete Of The Month Interviews by Phil Amos on September 21st, 2015

Lily Hyman Athlete Of The Month Interview. Listen to Lily talk about being fun, happy and helpful; cuddling Sidney and “The Ladder”. (Approx. 6 minutes).

What if…?

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Our Learners

What if our learners set their own challenges and design their own games and tasks to meet those challenges?
What if our learners have opportunities to lead and make decisions?
What if our learners work cooperatively in groups and contributed to each other’s learning?
What if our learners are given time to reflect on their practice and performance, draw conclusions and progress in their own way?
What if our learners take the opportunity to progress at their own pace?
What if our learners work things out for themselves?
What if the tasks our learners practice, make sense and seem relevant to their development?

What if all this happens at once?
What if all this happens all the time?

The Coach

What if the coach plans for this to happen?
What if the coach organises things so this happens?
What if the coach observes and does just enough to facilitate and accelerate learning whilst all this is happening?

Who’s driving the car? Who’s building the road?