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SJAC – Spelthorne – Athlete Of The Month For October

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Katherine Shore Athlete Of The Month Interview. Listen to Katherine talk about being kind, funny, smiley, Bring Me To Life and running in the house. (Approx. 5 minutes 30 seconds).

Plan, DO, Review – The Coaching Process.

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Term Goal: To continue to develop the motivation within the group; in particular, Mastery Orientated Motivation; structuring our sessions and coaching interventions, using the TARGET model.


Task: Self-referenced goals, multi-dimensional, varied & differentiated.

Authority: Participants given leadership roles & involved in decision making.

Recognition: Private recognition of improvement, effort and accomplishments.

Grouping: Small mixed ability & co-operative groups.

Evaluation: Self-referenced. Private consultations with teacher based on improvement & effort.

Time: Flexible time for task completion and maximum time to learn. » » » Read more