About SJAC - Spelthorne

Our Philosophy

It is our aim to provide a fun and fulfilling environment for every athlete that takes part in SJAC athletics sessions. We run, jump and throw; have fun, learn and measure performance.

A Typical Session

Each session will always contain running, jumping and throwing in various forms. For the 2015/2016 school year, 25 athletes on average attended each session, with a maximum of 34 athletes attending. 69 different athletes attended our sessions.

Time: Every Wednesday evening in line with School Terms
Matthew Arnold School Leisure Centre Kingston Road Staines Middlesex TW18 1PF
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Age Group: School Years 2-6
Price: £4.00/session.
Registration Sign-In:

4:50pm - 5:00pm
Takes place in the leisure centre refreshment area at the front of the building. This is also an opportunity for New Athletes to be introduced to the coaches and complete a Medical/Consent Form, so that each athletes health and safety can be maximised.


5:00pm - Whole Group Warm-Up.
5:10pm - 3 activities run concurrently with one coach per activity. Focus: Fun, practice and learning.
5:30pm - 3 activities run concurrently with one coach per activity. Focus: Performance.
5:45pm - Whole Group Running Activity.
5:55pm - Cool-down and stretching.

Registration Sign Out


Safety and discipline

Although the focus of each session is to achieve a fun and fulfilling environment, safety is always a priority. We expect good standards of behaviour from the athletes so that safety can be maintained. Should the behaviour standards of an athlete cause a potential risk to safety then they will be given a warning. A maximum of 3 warnings gained by an athlete within a school term will result in that athlete being barred from attending SJAC - Spelthorne for the remainder of that school term. They will be able to return to the club on the commencement of a new school term.

Appropriate Clothing/Equipment

Shorts, T-Shirt, trainers and a drink.

Further information

For further information please contact us.

Future Events

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Athlete of the month

Name: Jack Amos
Date added: 15th June 2017

May Athlete of the Month - Jack has done lots of Personal Bests this month. A good reward for all the effort he has put into his practice.

Current top performers

Boys Girls
  • Daniel Hodge
  • Caleb Moreton
  • Sonny Wilkinson
  • Oskar Nieradzinski
  • Reece Mudway
  • Tobia Epifani
  • Dennis Bailey
  • Freddie Wright
  • Georgie Manning
  • Evie Weller
  • Manveen Phagora
  • Lily Martin