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SJAC session not running at the moment.
Please see, "Sad news - SJAC Session Finishing"


Welcome to the SJAC Spelthorne website. It is our aim to provide a fun and fulfilling environment for every athlete that takes part in SJAC athletics sessions. We run, jump and throw; have fun, learn and measure performance. For more information, please see the About the SJAC page.

SJAC Session - Wednesday 7th June 2017 - Cancelled.

Added: 25th May 17 @ 11:29 am

We are cancelling our session on Wednesday 7th June as some of our Year 5 & 6 children are competing for the SJAC team at a QuadKids athletics competition in Guildford on that day. The SJAC coaches will be attending this competition, helping out the organisers of the competition and managing the team.

Quadkids Competition Saturday 27th May 2017

Added: 4th April 17 @ 2:19 pm

Hosts: Young Athletes Club
Venue: Guildford Spectrum
Date: Saturday 27th May 2017
Time: 12:45pm 4:45pm
Age Groups: U7s, U9s, U11s &U13s

Further Information.


I will be there, my son Jack is taking part in the U9s competition. If you decide to register, please let me know and Ill bring along SJAC T-shirts for you to compete in.
Hope to see some of you there.

Easter Break.

Added: 30th March 17 @ 12:11 pm

Our Last Session before the Easter Break was Wednesday 29th March 2017.
Our First Session back after the Easter Break will be Wednesday 19th April 2017.

Have a good Easter Holiday!

Awards Spring Term 2017

Added: 30th March 17 @ 11:53 am

Enthusiastic Personality - Kiran Phagora
Outstanding Competitive Attitude - Fiona Manning
Brilliant Team Work - Ines Epifani
Fantastic Effort - Georgie Manning
Most Improved - Jack Amos
Excellent Attitude - Evie Weller
Bleep Test - Caleb Morton
Bleep Test - Harriet Farrell

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Athlete of the month

Name: Jack Amos
Date added: 15th June 2017

May Athlete of the Month - Jack has done lots of Personal Bests this month. A good reward for all the effort he has put into his practice.

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  • Daniel Hodge
  • Caleb Moreton
  • Sonny Wilkinson
  • Oskar Nieradzinski
  • Reece Mudway
  • Tobia Epifani
  • Dennis Bailey
  • Freddie Wright
  • Georgie Manning
  • Evie Weller
  • Manveen Phagora
  • Lily Martin