Darts Personal Best 15th October 2018

Comments (0) Posted in Darts, Practice by Phil Amos on October 15th, 2018

So I’m trying to get better at darts. I’m experimenting with all the concepts that guide me when coaching children in athletics. I’m trying to learn more about practice through my own experimentation, so that I can create better practice for the children I coach in athletics.

Guiding concepts:
– Randomised vs Blocked Practice.
– Implicit Learning.
– Mastery (Growth Mindset – Dweck) – Love Challenge, intrigued by mistakes and enjoy the effort.
– Lots of Practice (Doing)
– Deliberate Practice / Deliberate Play
– Feedback
– Performance before Competence
– Pleasantly Frustrating
– Challenge and Consolidate
– Clearly defined Goals

Did a personal best today: 87, 9-dart finish.

If you’d like to find out more please comment.

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